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The Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup enters its second season with Rahel Frey and the Hankook race tyre

The Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup kicked off its second season at last weekend’s DTM opener at the Hockenheimring. The one-make cup is held over seven race weekends. At five of these, the professionals, juniors and gentlemen drivers feature on the support programme for arguably the most popular international touring car series. As it did last year, premium tyre maker Hankook supplies the Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup with the successful Ventus Race tyre and supports the teams with its technical expertise.

Hockenheim/Germany, 9th May 2019 – The most familiar face in the Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup is that of Rahel Frey. In 2009, the Swiss driver became the first woman ever to win a race in the German Formula 3 Cup. She then switched to GT racing and spent two years competing in the DTM. For her, this season’s Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup is about more than just race wins and podiums. As coach and mentor, Frey will also be on hand to offer advice to the young drivers as they take their first steps in motorsport.

“In the Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup, I not only keep my eye on what is happening on the track, as a racing driver. For me, it is also exciting to see whether the young drivers stick to what we have discussed. I must not necessarily be crowned champion of this series, I can win races elsewhere. However, I will obviously fight hard in every race and will not be pulling any punches, as the youngsters must work hard to earn what they get – just as I do. Our goal is to put on a great show for the spectators in every race,” says Frey.

The 33-year-old’s main task will be to help her protégés find the right balance between tactics and aggression. “Many show too much caution in the races. You really have to persuade them to take full advantage of support systems like ABS. On the other hand, some drivers are too aggressive and wear the car and tyres down too quickly with their style of driving. In that case, I have to try to work with the drivers to find a reasonable compromise.”

The Swiss feels the race tyre provided by premium tyre maker Hankook is the ideal partner for the Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup. “I know the Hankook race tyre and have always really enjoyed driving on it. You have a good peak in qualifying, then honest feedback in the race. The tyre lets you know when you are asking for too much, but also forgives mistakes. This allows newcomers to learn a lot about tyre management.”

Rahel Frey is one of a few women to have established herself in motorsport, but still sees great potential for more development in what is largely a male domain. “Not a lot has changed for us since I started out in motorsport 20 years ago. That is why it is so great to have the W Series, which is for women only. I would have been delighted to have had an opportunity like that when I was younger. They could obviously also have systematically invested the money in just one or two female drivers. However, this gives a lot of women the opportunity to show what they are capable of on a big stage.”

As well as the Audi Sport Seyffahrt R8 LMS Cup, the Audi works driver is also actively involved in GT racing and lines up in more than 20 races per season. In Switzerland, she and her sisters run a car dealership – it is all about four wheels for the 33-year-old. “I am happy with what I am doing. When I am at home at the weekend, I take my mountain bike and go for a ride into the mountains, in order to stay fit for my work. Work takes priority for us Swiss. We are a bit crazy in that regard.”

Hankook, uno dei principali produttori mondiali di pneumatici, fornisce pneumatici radiali premium ad alte prestazioni per automobili, SUV, fuoristrada, trasporto leggero, camper, autocarri e autobus oltre che per competizioni motoristiche (su pista e rally).

Hankook investe costantemente in ricerca e sviluppo al fine di offrire ai propri clienti la massima qualità, abbinata all'eccellenza tecnologica. In cinque centri di sviluppo e in otto stabilimenti situati in tutto il mondo, l'impresa sviluppa e produce pneumatici atti a soddisfare pienamente le speciali esigenze e richieste dei diversi mercati. In Europa, presso il centro tecnologico Hankook di Hannover (Germania), avviene lo sviluppo degli pneumatici per i mercati locali e il primo equipaggiamento, nel rispetto delle indicazioni delle principali case automobilistiche europee. Gli pneumatici vengono prodotti, tra l'altro, nella modernissima fabbrica europea dell'impresa di Rácalmás (Ungheria), inaugurata nel 2007 ed in continua espansione. Attualmente, oltre 3.000 dipendenti vi producono ogni anno fino a 19 milioni di pneumatici.

La sede centrale europea e tedesca Hankook si trova a Neu-Isenburg, nei pressi di Francoforte sul Meno. In Europa Hankook conta ulteriori filiali in Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Italia, Olanda, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Russia, Spagna, Svezia, Turchia, Ucraina e Ungheria. L'impresa dà lavoro a 21.000 dipendenti in tutto il mondo e fornisce i propri prodotti in oltre 180 paesi. Gli pneumatici Hankook sono utilizzati in primo equipaggiamento dalle principali case automobilistiche internazionali. Oltre il 30% del fatturato globale dell'impresa è generato all'interno dell'Europa e della CSI. Hankook Tire, dal 2016, è rappresentata nel rinomato Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI World).

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Rahel Frey, Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup, Hockenheim 1, 03.-05. May 2019

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Rahel Frey, Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup, Hockenheim 1, 03.-05. May 2019

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Podium, Matthias Kämpf, Jedrzej Szczesniak, Rahel Frey, Fabio Citignola, Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup, Hockenheim 1, 03.-05. May 2019

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Start Race 2, Robin Rogalski, Rahel Frey, Audi Sport Seyffarth R8 LMS Cup, Hockenheim 1, 03.-05. May 2019

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