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Prestazioni sicure 365 giorni all’anno senza cambio di pneumatici – la nuova generazione di pneumatici per tutte le stagioni Hankook è stata sviluppata per questo. Con oltre 20 anni di esperienza nella categoria degli pneumatici per tutte le stagioni, il produttore di pneumatici è un pioniere in questo settore. Nello sviluppo del Kinergy 4S², pensato per le condizioni stradali europee, è...

  • Motorsport

Marco Wittmann won a dramatic and eventful Sunday race at the Hungaroring. The BMW driver benefitted from a shower at the start of the race, which resulted in race number six of the 2018 DTM season being suspended following a number of accidents in the pit lane. Unlike his rivals from Mercedes-Benz and Audi, who had been ahead of Wittmann prior to the suspension, the two-time DTM...

  • Motorsport

The Hungaroring is hosting round two of the FIA Formula 3 European Championship as part of this weekend’s DTM event. The 4.381-kilometre track near the Hungarian capital Budapest is the venue for races four to six of what is probably the most demanding junior, single-seater series in the world. This season, the 24 young drivers from 15 countries will contest ten rounds in eight different...

  • Motorsport

Paul Di Resta won in Hungary to take victory in the first DTM race of the 2018 season outside Germany. After 34 laps of racing, the Mercedes-Benz driver was first across the finish line on Saturday to crown a flawless performance with win number nine of his career in what is probably the most popular international touring car series. Sixth place for fellow Mercedes-Benz driver Gary...


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